Trucks Topple On Larne To Cairnryan Ferry

A ‘MAJOR Incident’ occurred on a P&O ferry as extreme weather conditions caused a number of articulated truck and trailer combinations to topple over, crushing cars in the process.

Thankfully no one was hurt on the Larne to Cairnryan crossing in mid December and emergency services were on station as the stricken European Causeway arrived at the P&O dock in Loch Ryan.

Eye witnesses on board reported the ferry taking a ‘big dip’ while crossing the North Channel and then ‘the wrecking took place’. Due to a storm warning, no other ferry sailed from Northern Ireland that day.

A statement from P&O Ferries confirmed that ‘during a choppy sailing, there was a movement of vehicles on the car deck and this has caused around six trucks to tip over onto their side.

‘Due to the movement on the deck there were a number of passengers confined to vehicles. However all 52 passengers and 56 crew were safe and well.’

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