UK Invited To Join Common Transit Convention

IN ADDITION to the EU Commission’s proposals for free movement of goods during 2019, the invitation for the UK to also join the Common Transit Convention (CTC) in its own right is great news for the country’s logistics industry, according to the FTA.

‘In the event of no deal, traders making use of the CTC would be able to temporarily suspend the payment of duties and taxes, and to postpone customs clearance formalities until the goods reach their destination, rather than at the point of entry into the customs territory.

‘While it would not remove the need for border checks of a regulatory nature, such as sanitary and phytosanitary checks on agri-food products, the CTC has the potential to reduce checks of a fiscal nature upon entry into the EU. What is now vital for UK business is to ensure that all necessary arrangements for use of the convention are made so that, from 30 March 2019, traders may fully benefit from the facilities offered by the CTC,’ said Pauline Bastidon, head of European policy, Freight Transport Association.

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