hadn’t voted for Brexit

IN A recent ‘WMB Logistics’ survey, industries with the least amount of staff that voted for Brexit were found to be: Healthcare 10%; Transport and logistics 14%; Wholesale and retail 16%; Recruitment 16% and Education 19%.

Asked why they hadn’t voted for Brexit, those in the healthcare industry were most worried about the future of the NHS and free healthcare (79%) whilst those in the transport and logistics industry were more worried about how it would affect trade and retail (80%).

Likewise, asked why they had voted for Brexit, those in construction felt the country needed a new direction (58%) and those in law enforcement and security felt the laws and rules set in place by being in the EU were too lenient (62%).

37% of those who voted for Brexit felt they’d made the wrong decision, compared to just 12% of those who voted to remain, who now feel they should have voted to leave.

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