Five New Biomethane Refuelling Stations On Track

CNG FUELS has commenced construction of two new renewable biomethane compressed natural gas (Bio-CNG) refuelling stations, two of five due to open this year to cater for ‘soaring demand’ from HGV operators switching from diesel, the company says.

The new public access stations will serve major truck routes and will be able to refuel up to 3,000 HGVs a day, a near 500% increase on capacity at the company’s existing stations at Leyland, Lancashire and Crewe, Cheshire.

100% of the fuel supplied by CNG Fuels is renewable and sustainable biomethane. The gas is sourced from waste feedstocks such as food waste and claims to be the most environmentally friendly and cost effective alternative to diesel for HGVs. It cuts vehicle greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by up to 85% and is 35%-40% cheaper than diesel, says CNG Fuels.

At 20 million tonnes of CO2 per annum, GHG emissions from UK food waste are comparable to annual GHG emissions from the entire UK HGV fleet. By capturing methane from organic waste and utilising it as a transport fuel, food waste and transport emissions can be cut simultaneously.

The company has also launched a new Bio-CNG tractor unit. The 6×2 truck has been developed in collaboration with Iveco and Agility Fuel Solutions. As a well established OEM manufactured technology with proven benefits, Bio-CNG is well placed for mass adoption.

CNG Fuels expects to start construction on two more public access stations in the autumn, at Larkhall South Lanarkshire and Knowsley, near Liverpool, and plans to add a further eight in 2020.

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