deteriorating local roads network

PLAGUE of potholes: A front loaded, five year funding settlement is the only way local authorities will be able to address a deteriorating local roads network and plan ahead, says the Transport Select Committee.

Potholes are a headache for everyone and a severe risk for many, says the report. A deteriorating local road network undermines local economic performance and results in direct costs to taxpayers, however local government revenue funding has fallen by about 25% since 2010.

With no ring fencing for local roads funding, cash strapped authorities have diverted the money to plug other gaps such as social care.

The committee warns that extracting a five year settlement from the Treasury should not be an excuse to cut funding. The exact nature of the settlement should be developed following consultation with local authorities to ensure the funding is designed in a way that will be most useful for them, says the report. It should encourage innovation, collaboration and good practice.

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