MAN Dealership Upgrades Its Vehicle Lifts

DURING THE recent upgrading of its workshop, MAN Truck & Bus Gateshead decided to replace its four existing Stertil Koni 6.5 tonne cabled column lifts with a set of six state-of-the-art wireless mobile column lifts, type ST1075FWA.

These latest 7.5 tonne capacity Stertil Koni heavy duty lifts enable workshop technicians to carry out regular servicing and maintenance operations on a wider range of buses and up to three and four axle trucks. Also, the absence of cables enables the completely unrestricted positioning of the columns around all types of vehicles.

When used as a set of six, the ST1075FWA mobile wireless column lifts offer a safe lifting capacity of 45 tonnes. Also, each column features Stertil Koni’s ebright Smart Control System which provides complete flexibility by allowing workshop technicians to operate the columns individually, in pairs or in any other configuration, from any column in the set.

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