Renault Introduces Hydrogen Into Van Range

RENAULT has extended the use of its electric light commercial vehicles with hydrogen. Tested since 2014, Groupe Renault’s hydrogen technology was developed in partnership with Symbio, a Groupe Michelin subsidiary. The vehicles are equipped with a range extender fuel cell providing electric and thermal power of 10kW, increasing the range of Renault Master ZE and Kangoo ZE Hydrogen to over 350km. Another advantage of hydrogen is that charging takes just five to 10 minutes.

Hydrogen responds to the requirements of professionals not yet to be fulfilled by electric vehicles, notably for their long distance travel needs, says Groupe Renault.

Expected in the first half of 2020, Renault Master ZE Hydrogen will triple the range from 120km to 350km and will be available in van (two versions) and chassis cab (two versions). Equipped with two hydrogen tanks located under the body, the vehicle will gain in versatility with no compromises on the load volume from 10.8cu.m to 20cu.m but an additional weight of 200kg.

These hydrogen electric vehicles operate with a fuel cell, which combines hydrogen from its tanks with oxygen from the air to produce electricity to power the electric motor.

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