Automated Reefer Loading Pod From Gray & Adams

GRAY & Adams, has designed an automated loading pod, built inside a 15.6m refrigerated body, that holds 60 pallets at -22°C. This innovation, coupled with a 44 pallet capacity double deck trailer, can be loaded in under seven minutes, automatically, and is claimed to be a first for the UK.

Despite this process having been used in manufacturing for many years, it is a completely new concept for the food industry however Gary & Adams, working in partnership with NewCold Logistics, solved their problem where they had no storage facility for products, meaning that trailers were often used to hold products whilst awaiting distribution. This process required running fridge engines, creating both carbon and noise.

Tom Cassells, logistics advisor at NewCold, was impressed with loading automation innovations in Germany and wanted to bring this to the UK, for use with double decks. However, most loading bays lack the space required to facilitate auto-loading equipment.

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