Volvo’s 50 Years Of Accident Studying

THIS YEAR marks the 50th anniversary of Volvo Trucks’ Accident Research Team (ART), which was created to systematically gather, analyse and act upon information about real life traffic accidents.

The knowledge gained provides value in the development of safety systems and future vehicle designs, with the objective of making trucks and transport safer.

The ART’s work focuses on improving both active and passive safety for Volvo trucks.

Today, the ART is a cross disciplinary safety research network of safety experts. They create and share unique insights about the causes of real life accidents, adding to the knowledge gained from laboratory crash tests.

‘And looking to the future, the insights that the ART holds will continue to contribute to Volvo Trucks further work to proactively improve road safety, for traditional human driving as well as for new autonomous vehicles,’ said a Volvo spokesman.

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