Council Rubber Stamps Temporary Truck Park For Warehouse

AMAZON has been given the green light to operate a temporary HGV park in Rosyth in order to service its nearby fulfilment centre. Fife Council gave the go-ahead to the lorry and trailer park following complaints that vehicles were parking on roads near its facility.
The site will be used for 18 months, but primarily between October and March, Amazon’s peak trading periods, as well as affording time to accommodate customer returns.
In its response to the application, the council’s highways authority said that the retail giant believed HGVs would be released from the warehouse on King Malcolm Drive across the day, with between eight and 12 lorry movements expected during the busiest hour.
It added: ‘These movements will be managed by Amazon to mitigate any impact on the local highway network. Consideration is also given to the most recent use of the site as a construction compound, which is likely to have generated a similar number of HGV movements.’

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