Covid-19 Temporary Instructions

DUE TO the current exceptional circumstances, temporary instructions for prohibition removal for heavy goods vehicles and public service vehicles which have been allowed to continue their journey after an inspection by the DVSA, are as follows:

1 Read the prohibition notice carefully.

2 Ensure all defects on the prohibition notice are rectified.

3 Ensure the vehicle and/or trailer is clear of all defects and is fit for the road.

4 You will need to provide a vehicle and or trailer inspection report, post-dating the prohibition notice declaring that the vehicle or trailer is roadworthy.

5 You will also need to provide evidence of the repairs.

6 Evidence of all repairs and the inspection report should be Emailed, to [email protected] to request the removal of a prohibition notice.

7 If the evidence of your inspection and repairs is accepted, you will receive an email confirming the prohibition has been removed, you will also receive a copy of the removal notice in the post from the DVSA.

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