TM ‘Motivated By Self-Interest’

A TRANSPORT manager ‘motivated by his own greed and self-interest’ has been disqualified indefinitely after he failed to exercise continuous and effective management over a lengthy period.
Asad Muhammed also lost his repute after a public inquiry (PI) before traffic commissioner (TC) for Scotland Claire Gilmore, which he failed to attend without explanation.
Muhammed was transport manager for Cull Bros in Bathgate, which was also called to a conjoined hearing following an investigation by the DVSA.
Evidence showed a number of offences at the firm, including drivers’ hours rules breaches, falsification of records and failures to comply with licence undertakings.
In a written decision, the TC said it was clear Asad Muhammed had at no point, meaningfully exercised his role. ‘He continued with the charade, motivated by his own greed and self-interest in securing payment from (the firms sole director) Mr Scott Cull,’ she said.

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