Many Drivers Feel Undervalued

UK LORRY drivers feel undervalued, have a low level of job satisfaction and feel disengaged, according to a recent survey by Talent in Logistics.
The survey into HGV driver engagement, carried out in collaboration with Pertemps Driving Division ahead of the Covid-19 lockdown, revealed that just 30% of HGV drivers in the UK feel valued.
The survey also revealed that just 9% blamed the driver shortage on facilities, with poor pay (34%), poor working hours (19%) and a lack of respect for the role (12%) cited as key factors.
The research, which surveyed more than 1,300 respondents during February and March this year, found that less than half of the drivers feel motivated to work hard for their employers, indicating a high level of disengagement.
Results also showed that fewer than 50% of drivers believe that their company is diverse and inclusive in their recruitment a view borne out by the demographics of the survey respondents, which revealed that more than seven out of 10 drivers surveyed (72.5%) were aged 41 or over, and 95% were male.
The research also found that fewer than half of the drivers said that they felt proud (47%) or motivated (49%) to work for their company, with overall employee engagement for HGV drivers standing at around 48%.
Ruth Edwards, Talent in Logistics business development director, said: ‘Our survey shows that employers have a long way to go to make drivers feel engaged, valued and important.’

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