Most Versatile Waste Vehicle Ever?

MAY GLASS Recycling has put into service a vehicle that doubles either as a hookloader or a skiploader, whether for 26t solo or 44t drawbar operation. The trick of how to do this, centres on Harsh’s unique demountable skiploader bodywork.
The base vehicle is a nearly five year old 6×2 Volvo FM, fitted with conventional hookloader bodywork. Harsh has then built a bespoke demountable skiploader unit that can be loaded onto the truck as if it was a standard hookloader container. The hydraulics to operate are then simply connected into the truck’s existing system. The whole process takes a little over five minutes.
‘Now we have two trucks in one,’ said May Glass Recycling director Fred Sendall. ‘It can collect any type of bin or skip out there. Better still, this versatility is doubled again when pulling a trailer, so we can have any combination of skip or container right across the whole vehicle. This extra versatility and productivity actually means we can delete two older vehicles from our fleet, their work being done with the new Harsh unit. It really is that good.’

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