Smart App And Permit To Enter Kent

THE GOVERNMENT is consulting on new plans for Operation Brock in preparation for the activation of the customs border with the EU through Kent from January next year.
The plans broadly follow those that were put in place for earlier No-deal Brexit deadlines with the significant addition of a new IT system and App called the Smart Freight Service.
The system requires that lorries over 7.5 tonnes entering Kent for export will need to have a Smart Freight Service Permit. Those drivers entering Kent without a permit will be subject to a fine of £300.
To get a permit the operator will be required to enter details of all shipments being carried, including confirmation of compliance with all rules needed to enter the EU. The full details of the service, web access and the App, are yet to be determined by the government.
The RHA is concerned that the Smart Freight Service is still in an early stage of development and will not be ready for testing for some months.

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