Gas Creates The ‘Cleanest Backside In Scotland’

As one of Scotland’s foremost brands, Barr Soft Drinks, which is part of the AG Barr Group, is also a standard bearer for reducing its carbon footprint. Paul Wilson explains that sustainable production of IRN-BRU now goes hand-in-hand with gas-powered trucks to ensure a cleaner delivery. Kevin Swallow reports.

IRN-BRU, often referred to as ‘ginger’, is a carbonated soft drink made with an original secret recipe, which contains 32 flavours.
From the Barr Soft Drinks factory, warehouse and head office at Cumbernauld, it delivers across the four nations in recyclable cans and bottles to regional distribution centres (RDCs), warehouses, shops, garages, bars, cafes and restaurants.
It’s a production site with four lines covering PET, cans and glass that has the capability to make around 25 million cases per year. It has an additional large factory at Milton Keynes and a smaller one at Forfar, home of Strathmore Water.

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