‘No Driver Shortage’ Say Truckers

Lorry drivers have challenged the term ‘driver shortage’ calling it scaremongering, according to SNAP.

The digital marketplace company said truck drivers felt a lack of clean facilities and fair wages were to blame for experienced drivers leaving the industry and, in conjunction, deterring new applicants.

Using social media, SNAP prompted drivers to voice their opinions regarding the Department for Transport’s (DfT) consultation on measures to bring new people into the industry to plug what it sees as a skills gap, which recommends a person take their theory and off-road manoeuvre tests before being granted a provisional HGV driver entitlement.

The pandemic delayed 30,000 tests for new drivers, while Brexit hit fleet companies hard as many European truck drivers left the UK.

Around three in four lorry drivers disagreed with the ‘driver shortage’ statement, and of those that disagreed, one in three cited low pay and not enough incentive for new applicants as key issues.

Matthew Bellamy, managing director at SNAP, said: “From the responses, it’s clear that the industry must change in multiple areas to retain and attract more HGV drivers.”

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