Brexit: Now A Race Against Time

ALTHOUGH THE government’s ambition in Brexit negotiations with the EU is to reach an agreement which maintains the existing liberal access allowing UK hauliers to continue to operate as they do today, the department for transport is preparing for all potential outcomes in these negotiations. This includes the ‘unlikely’ possibility that no mutually satisfactory agreement can be reached.

A DFT spokesman told Transport News; ‘One possible scenario is that UK hauliers are no longer able to rely on automatic recognition by the EU of UK issued Community Licences. Even if this happens, we are confident we will be able to put in place agreements with the EU as a whole or with individual member states to ensure continued market access.

‘But one option that we know many hauliers will be interested in making use of is the ECMT international haulage permit system and we are putting in place a new automated system for the application and issue of those permits.

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