Moto ends offer of free meals to HGV drivers as operations return to normal

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Moto’s offer of free meals for HGV drivers parking overnight at their facilities, launched at the start of the pandemic lockdown, comes to an end this week.

In its place the motorway services operator has relaunched an upgraded, cut-price food voucher scheme.

Moto launched the free meal scheme at the start of lockdown in recognition of the crucial work HGV drivers were doing to keep the UK’s supply chains flowing during the crisis.

The scheme, which saw nearly 30,000 meals and over 20,000 hot drinks given to drivers at 24 Moto sites, ends this week (Thursday 9 July) as operations at all Moto’s 48 sites return to normal.

In its place Moto is relaunching an HGV drivers food voucher worth £10 which can be purchased for £2, so long as drivers are using Moto’s overnight parking facilities.

The food voucher scheme has also been upgraded. Instead of a single voucher, which could only be used at Costa or Burger King, drivers will now receive two £5 vouchers which can be used at any of Moto’s food outlets, including Greggs.

Ken McMeikan, Moto’s chief executive officer, said: ‘HGV drivers continue to do a magnificent job in keeping the country supplied with vital food and medicines.

‘They have been among the unsung heroes of the coronavirus crisis and we wanted to recognise their efforts, firstly by providing free hot food and drinks and now through a more flexible food voucher scheme that will increase their choice of brands to shop at whilst also giving them even better value.’

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