Moto offer free food and longer free parking

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Motorway service area operator Moto has announced it will provide free food for lorry drivers who park overnight and extend its free parking period to help when truckers take a break during the coronavirus lockdown.

A free hot food scheme has been launched at 10 of Moto’s sites that are most popular with truck drivers and will be followed by 14 more sites opening next week, revealed Moto CEO Ken McMeikan.

‘The free food is available to all HGV drivers when they park overnight. Food will be cooked to order in on-site kitchens and delivered in boxes to special collection points at each service area.

‘In addition, free parking time for HGVs at all Moto sites has been extended from two hours to three to give HGV drivers who are working split shifts adequate time to rest.’

He added: ‘HGV drivers are playing an absolutely pivotal role in the fight against coronavirus by delivering vital food and medicines across the country.

‘They really are making a Herculean effort to keep critical supplies available to us all, so providing them with free food and extended free parking is our way of saying ‘thank you’ for the often arduous job they are doing.’

For lorry drivers stopping during the day to take a rest break, food is available to buy from West Cornwall Pasty at 16 sites, as well as WH Smith and the forecourts.

The first 10 sites to offer free food are Doncaster (M18), Ferrybridge (M62) Medway (M2), Heston West (M4), Hilton Park North & South (M6), Blyth (A1M), Birch East & West (M62) and Trowell North (M1).

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