Hampden Park Awaits…

REGISTRATIONS are rolling in for the Scottish Clear Air Roadshow to be held in Hampden Park, Glasgow on Tuesday 26 March.

With attendance capped at 200, a full house of delegates is expected, to take part in a comprehensive agenda brought together by co-organisers Transport News and Motor Transport.

Running from 10.00am to 2.00pm and including a buffet lunch, the respective cases for ‘Why LEZ’ and ‘How Hauliers Can Comply’ will be thoroughly aired.

Free registration can be made by hitting the ‘Clean Air Roadshow’ button on the TN website,  www.transportnews.co.uk

Representatives from all four Scottish cities nominated by the Scottish Government to implement Low Emissions Zones will be at the Hampden event which will be led by a presentation from Glasgow City Council, followed by a panel debate which will include a question and answer session covering LEZ rollouts.

Delegates will then stream into three designated groups and rotate between hearing event headline sponsor Asset Alliance discuss financial aspects of upgrading trucks and panel van fleets, BOC on the enlarging availability of LNG and CNG, and Renault Trucks’ big push into electric powered trucks and vans.

All groups will have their opportunity to view the wide selection of trucks and vans lined up in an external display in the Hampden car park immediately outside the impressive stadium main stand function areas, in which the roadshow will be held.

Any company wishing to become involved as a sponsor or exhibitor should contact Transport News directly on 01355 279077 or [email protected]

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