Haulier Helps In Truck Parking Crisis

Secure overnight parking now available just off M8 interchange at Coatbridge, thanks to a local haulage company’s initiative. Alistair Vallance surveys the gate-locked facilities.

TRAMPING hauliers Ravens Express Ltd were based at Cleland near Motherwell until 1 February this year when they moved to a huge new yard close to the M8 at Coatbridge. The available space was far greater than needed for the Raven’s office, toilets, etc and their six tractor units and semi-trailers. However, the plan all along was also to offer parking accommodation for 40 artic rigs.

Explains transport manager Graham Macconnachie, ‘As a haulage contractor ourselves, we kept being told by our drivers that when away from base they couldn’t find anywhere secure to park at night and with curtains being slashed along with derv being stolen, we thought we’d do something about this.

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