Iveco Has Zero Emissions Trucking In Its Sights

Iveco and Nikola have unveiled the maquette of their first battery electric vehicle (BEV) for European markets. The battery electric Nikola TRE, which is based on the Iveco S-Way and integrates Nikolaʼs technology and is the first step on the path towards the Nikola fuel cell electric model (FCEV), which will be available to customers by 2023.

THE INTEGRATION of the Nikola design on the Iveco S-Way has been jointly carried out by Nikola and Italdesign, in its headquarters in Moncalieri (Turin); A consequence of a partnership dating back to 2018 between the two companies.

Gerrit Marx, president commercial and specialty vehicles, enthused: ‘The S-Way is a stand-out product, which embodies Ivecoʼs concept of customer centricity and has already gained momentum in the markets with well deserved success. It is the bones of the Nikola TRE and marks the beginning of a new journey towards zero emissions trucking, providing the platform for us to introduce disruptive features that will change the transport industry.’

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