Fully Fitted Electric Spreader From Johnston

BUCHER Municipal Winter’s clean air, electrically powered Phoenix Electra spreader is now available permanently mounted on a dedicated DAF chassis, specially modified by Johnston Sweepers and being produced by them at their manufacturing plant in Surrey as part of Bucher’s winter maintenance range in the UK.

The Phoenix Electra is the first full size electric spreader with the capacity to operate a complete spreading work shift, with all the added environmental benefits.

Designed specifically to suit the UK winter market, the new machine’s chassis has a bespoke sub-frame and interfaces to connect the spreader unit. A DIN plate mounted at the front allows a snowplough to be attached as required for full flexibility.

The core components of the electric spreader remain the same as on traditional units but, instead of a hydraulic drive system taken from the truck’s PTO (power take-off), the Phoenix Electra operates a series of electric motors, each independently controlled, and powered by a lithium-ion battery pack.

The battery is charged quickly in 20 minutes to around 80% capacity, whilst the spreader is being replenished with salt. A full recharge takes around four hours.

The spreader features a chain drive feed system, favoured in the UK to suit our outdoor salt and grit storage facilities.

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