Technology Precludes Wheel Loss Incident

AVON MATERIAL Supplies (AMS) will protect its entire fleet with Wheely-Safe Heavy after its technology spared the company from a wheel detachment incident.
The aggregates business has been testing the product, which is also connected to its TyreWatch monitoring telematics system, on a selection of trucks and Paul Harper, transport manager at AMS, takes up the story: ‘We had a driver who was coming away from a job when an alert came through to us electronically that one of the wheel nut sensors had gone off, then a couple of seconds later another alert came through.
‘We immediately contacted the driver and told him to pull over and inspect the affected wheel. Sure enough, there were three studs missing!
‘If we hadn’t had the system in place, it would have been an almost certain wheel detachment and we could have been dealing with a really serious incident.’

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