Going The X-tra Mile

The death knell for 7.5 tonners has been ringing for some time, yet the market continues unabated. Kevin Swallow took to the road in a MAN TGL, given the X-Lion treatment, to see how the Germans fare in a vibrant sector with plenty of stiff competition.
IT HAS been two years since MAN revealed its limited edition X-Lion brand. Speaking ahead of its first unveiling at Hannover 2018, MAN Truck & Bus AG’s senior vice president of marketing and brand, Bjoern Loose, said ‘our customers have demanding and challenging daily requirements and we have the perfect solution for these extreme requirements’.
And he added: ‘We underline this perfect symbiosis with our special edition MAN X-Lion. The X in the name of this powerful truck stands for ‘extreme’.’
Generally speaking, bells and whistles combined with a lively livery is the preserve of the heavy tractor market, in this case the TGX (TN, March 2020). The standard issue 7.5 tonner tends to be left as is rather than given the same treatment, so the fact that MAN has broadened the offering across TGS, TGM and TGL is welcomed.

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