First Autonomous Electric Refrigeration System

CARRIER Transicold has reaffirmed its commitment to reducing emissions with the launch of the first fully autonomous, all-electric engineless refrigerated trailer system, the Vector eCool
‘We believe the Vector eCool represents the future of refrigerated trailer technology,’ said Victor Calvo, president, Carrier Transicold International Truck & Trailer. ‘It’s one of the most exciting new products we have ever brought to market, following years of research and development, including extensive real-world testing with prototypes operating in customer fleets.’
Suitable for operation with the engineless versions of Carrier Transicold’s Vector HE19 and Vector 1550E, the Vector eCool combines the company’s E-Drive all-electric technology with a new cutting-edge energy recovery and storage system.
When the refrigeration unit is operating on battery power, Carrier Transicold’s energy management system will automatically switch on when the charge reaches a certain level and condition, initiating the generator to recharge the battery to ensure full refrigeration capacity.
The eCool system can also be plugged into the electrical grid when the trailer is parked and will fully charge in under four hours.
‘When used with the flagship Vector HE19 unit, the Vector eCool can provide even further reductions in energy consumption. Even with the system’s axle generator and battery pack fitted, it is still significantly lighter than a standard diesel unit with a full tank of fuel,’ said Victor Calvo.
The Vector eCool is also PIEK-compliant, meaning when used with the City versions of the Vector HE19 and Vector 1550E, operating noise is below 60 dB(A).

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