Cost Efficient Collision Cover

WEST Midlands based warehousing, logistics and same day delivery specialist Transcentral has taken delivery of trucks and trailers, provided by Ryder, with special insurance cover.
The firm has bolstered its fleet with three Mercedes-Benz Actros 2545LS 6×2 tractor units, and six Montracon curtainsided mega trailers.
The new trucks were supplied in Transcentral’s fleet colours, complete with aero kit and full width catwalk.
Commenting on the Mercedes-Benz tractor units, Elizabeth Wray, director at Transcentral, said: ‘With driver comfort essential, we opted for BigSpace sleeper cabs that include additional storage, a pull-out fridge and luxury bed.’
A key factor in Transcentral choosing Ryder was the unique collision damage vehicle protection cover.
‘After completing a six month cost comparison trial on several Ryder leased trailers, the results proved that Ryder’s Collision Damage Reducer (CDR) package was more cost effective than taking out separate third party insurance, particularly if we have to take vehicles on and off the policy as we upgrade or retire assets,’ explained Elizabeth Wray.
An extension of Ryder’s own motor fleet insurance, the CDR package gives customers a number of exclusive benefits, including cover for the full contract value of the vehicle.
Elizabeth added: ‘The add-ons with the CDR cover are perfect. It saves a tremendous amount of paperwork, admin and worry. It’s 100% hassle free.’
From initial spot hire, Transcentral has more than doubled the business it does with Ryder over the last few years.

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