Stobart Energy Fits Bridgestone Tyre Options

BRIDGESTONE has entered into a commercial fleet partnership with Stobart Energy, the UK’s largest supplier of biomass fuel.
Its fleet will be running exclusively on the Bridgestone Duravis R002, which is designed to lower operational costs through wear performance and fuel efficiency.
Simon Cartwright, Stobart Energy’s director of logistics, said: “We were highly impressed by the Bridgestone team, we were made to feel extremely valued. Also the Bridgestone Partner network impressed us too, as we knew we’d be dealing with independent tyre dealers. This model really appealed to us.”
An example of Bridgestone’s willingness to adapt to meet the bespoke needs of the Stobart Energy fleet could be seen in its alteration of its tyre specification for the fleet’s operation in Scotland, where the roads and weather patterns are typically more demanding than other areas of the UK.

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