Huge Obstacles Still To Be Negotiated On Road To Brexit

THE GOVERNMENT’S technical notices for a ‘No Deal’ Brexit released mid-September will create an array of red tape and paperwork, and still does not provide answers to the key questions being asked by those responsible for moving the UK’s goods and services between the UK and Europe, according to the FTA.

Speaking after the release of the documentation by the government’s Department for Exiting the EU, Pauline Bastidon, FTA’s head of European policy, urged negotiators to continue to press for a deal:

‘While it is encouraging to finally see some of the government’s plans for a No Deal Brexit, which provide helpful clarifications in some areas, there are still key processes to be agreed if the UK logistics sector and ‘just in time’ economy is to be protected,’ she said. ‘The fact that the UK driving licence would only be accepted in partnership with an international driving permit would create delays and confusion for many operators, some of whom may not even be aware that they would require additional paperwork.

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