Why Is The Driver CPC Market Still Underperforming?

With the number of Driver CPC Periodic Training attendees lagging, compared to the previous five year training cycle, the UK’s largest Driver CPC Consortium questions why?

RESULTS from the DVSA show in the six month period from January to June, the Driver CPC Periodic Training market is reported to have had 20% fewer attendees than the previous cycle, equating to more than 100,000 drivers. Up until February 2018, there were only slightly fewer attendees compared to the previous cycle, after which the shortfall has increased.

‘This difference in attendees is substantial, and as an industry, it’s important that we question why,’ says Laura Nelson of the RTITB Master Driver CPC Consortium. ‘It’s easy to say that employers are dismissing Driver CPC in the hope that the requirements will disappear due to Brexit, and while that may be what some organisations think, there could be other important reasons for this shortfall.’

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