Growth Ignites Move Into Storage And Workshop

More work for James S Hislop Haulage Contractors meant more wagons and a new yard. In the Scottish Borders, Kevin Swallow spoke to Alan Hislop about also moving into warehousing and maintaining his own fleet.

THE SMALL hamlet of Swinton in the Scottish Borders is an unlikely place to find a haulage yard, yet trucks have been working out of this village for as long as anyone can remember.

‘This was the home of Spence Haulage, but it’s been empty for a while until we bought it in 2015,’ explained Alan Hislop. He is the son of James ‘Jim’ Hislop who started the company that bears his name back in 1988, with a solitary Volvo FL10.

Alan, officially billed as partner and transport manager, had joined the business as a time served mechanic and spent 18 years on the road as the company gradually grew to 15 trucks. In 2012 Alan moved into the office, joining sisters Valerie Morrison (accounts manager) and Pauline Douglas (office manager) as their father decided it was time to retire.

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