Sheets Give Moving Floor Trailers An Optimum Solution

LONG established as the preferred sheeting supplier for the Malcolm Group’s construction division’s fleet, Harsh has now won similar approval with the walking floor trailers operated by Malcolm Logistics which offers fully integrated road, rail, warehousing and bonded warehousing services throughout the UK.

Built for carrying biomass and woodchip products, these hi-cube trailers provide a huge 112cu.m internal load space. However to achieve this capacity, the trailer sides are over four metres tall; a height which presents particular challenges for conventional sheeting systems.

Gavin Summers, fleet engineer for Malcolm Logistics explains: ‘Hi-cube walking floor trailers such as our Legras units are now far too tall for a driver to be able to look into the top of the trailer to see the sheet opening and closing over the load. From a health and safety point of view this is a good thing, because the driver now has no reason at all to climb onto the vehicle to work the sheet.

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