It’s A Kraker!

Replacing welding with bolted technology allows Dutch moving floor manufacturer Kraker Trailers to introduce remote ‘assembly plants’, which could be ideal for a post Brexit UK, reports Kevin Swallow ahead of Tip-ex 2019 held in Harrogate.

EXPORTING trailers across the European Union is a question of how much time it takes and money it costs to ‘ship’ them from the factory to the boundaries of the Schengen area.

In a post Brexit era, there is potential that for manufacturers like Kraker Trailers based in Axel, Holland, to export a finished trailer from Holland into the UK will have some sort of tariff attached to it.

However, a redesign of its moving floor trailer may provide a readymade solution. In 2015 Kraker unveiled its K-Force, a trailer with a monocoque chassis that has crossmembers bolted to the running gear, the planks of the moving floor, the bulkhead, and to the sidewalls; all areas that were previously welded.

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