Vehicle Lifts Support Stagecoach Maintenance Boost

HAVING relied upon Stertil Koni heavy duty vehicle lifts for many years, Stagecoach recently purchased wireless mobile column lifts to support workshop operations.

The company operates coaches which are either low floor or wheelchair lift equipped, so all vehicles are inspected by engineers at least every four weeks and are maintained to higher standards than the legal minimum including a new proactive maintenance programme supported by the recently supplied Stertil Koni wireless mobile column lifts.

A set of four wireless mobile column lifts, type ST1075FWA. Each of the four columns in the set provides a lifting capacity of 7.5 tonnes which means that the combined capacity of the set is 30 tonnes. Also, each column incorporates Stertil Koni’s ebright Smart Control System which allows workshop staff to operate the columns individually, in pairs or in any other combination from any column in the set. Positioning of the wireless columns is also totally flexible, enabling them to be used in any configuration around a vehicle.

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