Don-Bur Raises The Roof

Operators who maximise the internal space on a double deck trailer by going as high as they can, compromise with a reduced fuel consumption. Now Don-Bur has designed an ‘expanding roof’ that gives an operator the maximum internal space but with a lower running height and better mpg, writes Kevin Swallow.

RAISING the roof of a double deck trailer when loading to create maximum internal height and lowering it to reduce the transit height to help improve fuel efficiency is the thinking behind Don-Bur’s latest product launch.
The trailer manufacturer and bodybuilder based in Stoke-on-Trent, developed the Lifting Deck triaxle trailer design with an expanding roof for a well-known parcel company.
Richard Owens, marketing manager, said the new product provides 7.8% more headroom on the lower deck during loading.
It is designed so that, when loading, the roof is raised by 350mm and lowered again before going out on the road, so reducing the overall transit height, which is where the saving is made, he explained.

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