Red Diesel Restrictions For Various Transport Uses

COMPANIES involved in waste, construction, mining, manufacturing (ceramics, steel, timber, vehicles etc), road maintenance, airport operations, plant hire or refrigerated transport should be aware of fuel duty changes planned for 1 April 2022 when red diesel will no longer be allowed for the above uses/sectors and they will have to move from rebated (red) diesel to standard ‘road’ (white) diesel.

Both products are the same except one has had dye added to denote its lower duty rate which is 11.14ppl against 57.95ppl.

This is being brought in to help tackle UK air quality and follows consultation in 2020 despite opposition from the RHA who says it means a 420% taxation increase.

There is a 69% difference generally in the differing price of the actual diesel types but government maintains that this will persuade the sectors to ‘come up with cleaner alternatives’, commented the Road Haulage Association.

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