Is Bigger Always Better?

New trucks from DAF get the once over in Spain including the voluminous XG+, writes Gordon Roberts, keen to find out if size matters. THERE IS nothing like a good old-fashioned product launch in a far-off land with a left-hooker. A rabble of British journalists (the correct collective noun) each armed with a heavy goods entitlement, arrived courtesy of Dutch manufacturer DAF Trucks in Malaga, Spain to drive the new XF, XG and XG+.
Safely out of the clutches of any haulier attempting to plug the current lorry driver shortage with one of the rabble, I got to drive two of the three new trucks on offer.
First was the MX-11-powered XF 450 FT fitted out with the new kerbside window and Digital Vision System. This is an all new cab both inside and out, but it’s also somewhat familiar; revolution conditioned by evolution.

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