Scania Opens State Of The Art Dealership At Eurocentral

“This is now what it takes to sell and service trucks – a workshop with a 100% fossil free capability,” –
James Colbourne, Scania dealer director for Scotland.
MAJOR truck manufacturer Scania is driving the shift to fossil free fuelled road transport through its 1,600 dealerships worldwide.
With the end of diesel now on the horizon, technicians are already undergoing training programmes to cater for new electric battery powered rigids up to 28 tonnes by 2035 and heavy duty tractor units by 2040, all resulting in the death of the diesel powered combustion engine by 2050.
At Eurocentral, in the central belt of Scotland, Scania have now built a dealership which can already cater for multi-fuelled trucks: green biofuel (HVO), battery electric, LNG, CNG, and when the wires are up, pantograph electric.
“Our new, flagship Scottish depot also serves as our regional HQ,” explained Scottish dealer director James Colbourne to Transport News.

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